Out of the total tourist who visit Bhutan every year for Bhutan tour, 60 % of them are on cultural tour. Bhutan is one of the most traveled holiday destination in the world and it is largely due to the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan that attracted tourist to visit Bhutan.

Bhutan has been able to preserve its unique cultural heritage along with the advancement of modernization and democracy. The culture and traditions of Bhutan is displayed in the form of architecture, language , and the unique way of life guided by Buddhism. You will witness Bhutan still has same culture and tradition that existed centuries ago when you visit Bhutan.

Bhutan has gained reputation for its exotic cultural Bhutan tours around the world. Our Bhutan tour allows you to have a living experience of the culture in Bhutan, our people, our culture, our tradition, ecology and religion of the country. Bhutan tour on culture will take you to the ancient arts and architectures when you visit Bhutan. One will witness the unique festivals called Tshechus, which are conducted in almost all the dzongs, monasteries and in important cultural places. Tshechus displays the essence of buddhism that is practiced in Bhutan the Dzongs, Monasteries, Chortens and traditional Bhutanese houses provide you the spectacular splendor of Bhutanese architecture when you visit Bhutan.

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